AGA-Europe Pro vs. Sedol 10 Game Series Game #6: Sedol Lee vs. Catalin Taranu - Sedol Lee makes the handicap to 2 Stones

The score is now 6:0 in favor of Lee Sedol in this 10 game Kadoban series.

Catalin said he was thinking about 35 at 36 as an alternative, but Sedol commented that 35 was good.

" 25 should be at 41. 45 is too slow. Instead black should play at around 54 or 47 to grow b's moyo. Black 93 would have been thick at 94, instead of creating two weak groups. White's move 114 was strange. If b played 133 instead of 131, then it would have been better for black. But after black's 45 and w was able to reduce b's upper moyo at w46, the game is comfrotable for white."


Next match, game #7 will be played at 2 stones. Will the AGA/Europe Pro Team strike back?

Find out next weekend.


Details about the series can be found here.

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