AGA-Europe Pro Team vs. Sedol 10 game series - Lee Sedol beats Andy Liu and forces the handicap to B with reverse Komi

AGA-Europe Pro vs. Sedol 10 Game Series

It was an interesting game where a ko on the upper side defined the outcome of the game. Sedol came out advantageous when the dust settled. While b's upper left corner is about the same size as w's lower left corner, white gained control of another group on the upper side.


Sedol commented: "Andy Liu has some really interesting feel for the game. B29 shows that Andy has nice feel. b53 is also a very nice move locally. However, w64 was more urgent and bigger when looking at the whole board. b73 was also an interesting move which Andy had prepared before white 70, 72 was played. Finally after losing the ko, it's difficult for b to win. His feel for the game is very good, but his attacking needs to improve. I could see that while he is strong, he probably lacks strong players he can play face to face." After w178, Andy Liu (b) resigned.


The series is now at 4-0 in favor of Sedol. The series started at even game but the AGA-Europe Pro Team has been pushed down to black with reverse komi for the next game.


The next player up for the AGA-Europe team is Gansheng Shi.

The game is set for 9pm EST on March 2, 2013.

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