AGA-Europe Pro vs. Sedol 10 Game Series

Game #1 Sedol Lee vs. Andy Liu


The first game of the AGA-Europe Pro vs. Sedol 10 Game Series was completed successfully on January 27, after two previous technical difficulties that caused the delay.


The game played out peacefully but After 136 moves, Andy Liu resigned.


"Black's move 55 seems better to cut at W56. Allowing W to connect at 56 is a pretty significant territorial loss for B and W also gains eye shape. Black 59 should have been at 60. I think at B59, Andy was in byo-yomi. The game was still close but due to byo-yomi, B played some sequences that allowed W to become favorable on the board by the time B resigned.  Andy has a good opening, on a par with the pros in Korea and China. His mistakes came after he entered byo-yomi but overall, he is much stronger than I had anticipated."


The next game is going to be SD vs Gansheng Shi of Canada scheudled for Fenruary 2, 2013 at 9PM EST.