AGA-Europe Pro vs. Sedol 10 Game Series: Sedol beats Gansheng Shi in game #8 - handicap set to 3 stones


It was a well fought game for Gansheng until the game approached the end. The AGA/Europe Pro Team desparately needed to clinch their first victory in the series.

Gansheng captured a group in the upper right corner and was ahead in the game. But then after he entered byo-yomi, the board started to get complicated....


" B138 was too much. If b connects at 168 or so, then B would not have lost the game. Instead of capturing two stones at 154, b should have strengthened the center group. B probably overlooked how severely his center group can be attacked. Black played very well until the middle game but when in byo-yomi, made mistakes that cost the game," said Sedol Lee.


Gansheng regretted b200 and said that it should have been at 205 instead. But Sedol replied with 'by move 200, the game had already turned in favor of white'.


Game #9 will be Catalin Taranu against Sedol Lee. The handicap is now at 3 stones.

We will update the schedule for the next match once the date and time are set.


Game Record


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